Growing Hope Centre, Laos

Project Justices Intl’s Growing Hope Centre aims to address the extremely low income experienced by families from rural villages in Laos, and reduce the risk of trafficking posed to their children and youth as a result. Many children are exploited due to a range of terrible but preventable circumstances, including extreme poverty faced by families, coercion, deception and limited educational opportunities. Our Growing Hope Centre has 3 main components that will address this issue – an Agricultural Training Centre, an Accommodation Safe House, and a Micro-enterprise.

PJI are currently constructing an Agricultural Training Centre in Laos, where local families will gain the knowledge, skills and experience that are needed to effectively implement quality agricultural practices in their own communities and villages. By supporting opportunities for families to earn a higher income, we enable their capacity to fund their own children’s living and education costs and thus limiting the risk of exploitation.

By implementing the Accommodation Safe House, rescued girls will be provided with a safe, supportive environment where they can focus on restoration. Rescued girls will be fully supported, as PJI will provide food, shelter and educational costs to ensure they have the capacity to build an incredible future.

Children, teenagers and family members are also provided with a separate quality living facility on site at the Agricultural Centre. This allows them to attend the Training centre for effective blocks of time, and allows the families to focus fully on the agricultural practices they are learning.

This Training Centre incorporates a micro-enterprise aspect to its implementation. Local families will be assisted to implement their new knowledge in real-time, by growing, harvesting and selling crops to the local community.

Thank-you for your interest in this project. This is a real opportunity to help empower the  lives of  these incredible children and their families, and we are currently seeking partners to support this new work in Laos.

We have secured a great, large piece of agricultural land for a number of years, and are beginning to source construction materials for the Accommodation Centre and Agricultural activities.

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Our Growing Hope Centre commenced in May, 2017

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J949 PJI Growing Hope is an approved aid and development project of Global Development Group (ABN 57 102 400 993), an Australian DFAT approved NGO that carries out quality humanitarian projects and provides long term solutions to poverty. Australian / American /donations for eligible development activities are tax deductible.