Impact Gym Life Empowerment

Project Justice Intl’s Impact Gym CR is a commercial fitness centre project focused on funding and supporting community development in Northern Thailand. Impact Gym CR offers memberships, personal training, supplement and gym equipment purchase.

Profit generated at Impact Gym CR is utilised to fund various community development programs and initiatives, including supporting Anti-Trafficking organisations, children’s homes and safe houses, community development work, educational scholarships, and skill development for the community.

We believe in allowing our members to be a part of the community development process, by involving them in the projects and initiatives that Impact Gym CR supports.

Impact Gym CR aims to provide an affordable facility for the citizens of Chiang Rai to access and utilise healthy lifestyle and fitness equipment in a supportive and safe environment.

Impact Gym CR and Project Justice Intl are excited to announce we will be constructing and implementing a Life Skills Training Centre in the Wiangsa Village District of Chiang Rai.

Our Life Skills Centre will help teenagers, single mothers and low socio-economic families develop skills that they can utilise to improve future employment opportunities. This will help them to break out of the poverty cycle and take steps towards a brighter future.

Our Life Skills Centre will focus on tutoring, construction courses, welding, hairdressing, farming, and other skills-based training that can improve overall income and job possibilities for each of these citizens.

The Wiangsa Community is very excited about the PJI Life Skills Centre, and we have secured a number of buildings with the approval of the local leadership. Extensive renovations are needed to ensure these buildings are safe and secure.  We also need to start to establish an inventory of educational materials and construction tools and materials to being to implement the Life Skills programs.

Thank-you for your interest in this project. This is a real opportunity to help empower the lives of children, teenagers and families in Northern Thailand. We are currently seeking passionate partners to support this new work in Thailand.

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J858 Impact Gym Life Empowerment is an approved aid and development project of Global Development Group (ABN 57 102 400 993), an Australian DFAT approved NGO that carries out quality humanitarian projects and provides long term solutions to poverty. Australian donations for eligible development activities are tax deductible. For more information about Global Development Group, visit