Project Justice works to prevent child trafficking.

We run Trafficking Prevention Programs in villages and schools where there is a high risk of trafficking and/or exploitation of young people. Our Trafficking Prevention Programs are designed to raise awareness about the risks and signs of trafficking; to equip young people and parents with information and strategies so they can avoid themselves or their children becoming victims.

We identify trafficking ‘hotspots’ based on local knowledge of areas that have a history of trafficking or exploitation, and also areas where desperate poverty and/or drug addiction create vulnerability to exploitation by traffickers.

Our Trafficking Prevention Programs are vital: without them at-risk young people are in danger of exploitation.


Project Justice actively protects children who are victims of exploitation.

PJI identifies children and young people who are victims of human trafficking or abuse, including forced labor, sex trafficking and exploitation, and child pornography.

We work alongside local law enforcement, anti-trafficking teams, NGOs, and other governmental agencies in the areas of investigation and rescue operations to protect these precious children from further abuse.

Our protection services include:

  • Child victim/suspect interviews
  • Case coordination
  • Placement of victims in safe homes
  • Collection of data that is valuable for future anti-trafficking efforts


Justice for child victims is at the heart of our work.

We work to prosecute traffickers and sex offenders, to ensure they are held accountable for their crimes.

We provide survivors with legal counsel and offer representation for those victims who undertake criminal proceedings to prosecute traffickers and/or offenders.

We also offer repatriation assistance for survivors who need to be returned to their country of origin.


Project Justice comes alongside trafficking survivors to see them holistically restored.

Our aim is always to empower the individual to be restored and independently reintegrated back into the community.

We partner with other organisations and governmental agencies to provide:

  • Safe housing – where children can live in safety
  • Counselling – the help needed to recover from trauma
  • Schooling and education – essential for a better future
  • Vocational training – the skills to gain safe employment
  • Small business microloans  – a hand up into an independent income

Restoration requires care, attention and time. It is the work of rebuilding lives.