Project Justice International Exists To…

This is our heartbeat, our reason for being.
With your help we can change lives.

The Problem

Child traffickers have one purpose: to exploit the young for their own gain. They prey on vulnerable people groups, families in the grip of desperate poverty and hardship. They use force, coercion and deception to procure young lives. They take children away from their families, sometimes to another country, where they will know no-one. They may not even know the language.

They will have no idea how to find their way home. They will be lonely and frightened. The children may be victims of forced labor, sex trafficking and exploitation, and child pornography. They will be traumatized and abused. Without intervention, they will have no hope. Ever.

The Solution

Project Justice International is a team of nationals who have spent more than a decade working with governments and international agencies to stop child trafficking. We understand how to establish successful strategies to prevent children from being lured into the vicious sex trade.

Our unique local knowledge gives us special insight into the best ways to locate and rescue trafficked children, and bring them to safety. Our partnerships with police and government agencies allow us to help bring perpetrators to justice.