Trafficking Prevention Program

Project Justice implements a Trafficking Prevention Program in Wiangsa Village where there is a high risk of
trafficking, substance abuse, and exploitation of young people.

To prevent children being trafficked is the ultimate solution, saving them from torment and trauma that may last a lifetime. We do this with a multifaceted approach :–

  • Empowering families by educating them about the traps employed by traffickers to lure children into slavery.
  • Providing children with a solid education that will give them a solid employment future.
  • Equipping teens with vocational training that will help ‘traffic-proof’ them by eliminating extreme poverty through employment opportunities.

Our Prevention Program

is designed to raise awareness about the risks and signs of trafficking and to EQUIP young people and their parents with information and strategies they need so they can AVOID becoming victims. This program is conducted weekly in Wiangsa Village, impacting a community of over 160 children and adults.

Project Justice provides full support

for the resources required by each of our 39 students to attend the local government school, including uniforms, shoes, backpacks, stationery etc. The government school is approximately 8 kms away from their village in the mountains and has classes until Grade 6.

To further support the children’s education, Project Justice built and established a tutoring centre that operates every weekday in Wiangsa Village. Every night, staff members from Project Justice tutor the children to increase their learning outcomes. Our staff provide Thai and English lessons, homework help, personal development courses and much more.