40 million people are living in modern-day slavery.
Many of these are children – exploited through trafficking, sexual abuse and forced labour crimes.
Together, we believe it is time to re-write these children’s futures.

Project justice International exists to make the world a safer and brighter place by fighting against child exploitation. We exist to give children back their futures, their rights to a life of safety and freedom.

Child – trafficking is a complex issue. Tackling it requires a multi-faceted approach.

It is not enough to RESCUE children – although we must rescue.

The root causes of child trafficking are extreme poverty and the lack of opportunity to escape. We must address these issues if we are to PREVENT children being trafficked and sold into slavery.

We must also PROTECT children from traffickers by delivering education on awareness training to vulnerable communities.

Perpetrators must be brought to JUSTICE if we are to make significant and longstanding impact on child trafficking practices.

And children who have suffered the severe trauma of trafficking and exploitation must receive RESTORATION – the help needed to rebuild their lives.

Project Justice International focuses on holistic strategies in our fight against child exploitation as we work across the spheres of Prevention, Protection, Justice, and Restoration.

Together, we re-write children’s future.

The PJI Team

Somkiat Jakchee
Founder / Executive Director


Rikky Murphy
International Director


Weera Juckchee
Vocational Manager


Aekkapong Methanatthanankul
Project Staff


Younghor Saehang
Project Staff


Sawat Jatae
Project Staff


Thirapan Sitthiwat
Project Staff


Our Mission

The mission of Project Justice is inspired by Isaiah 1:17

“Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the cause of orphans. Fight for the rights of widows.”

Project Justice
proudly partners with

Our Strategy

1. Expand our Trafficking Prevention Program into further at-risk communities across Southeast Asia.
2. Expand our Life Skills Vocational Program by providing training for more at-risk teenagers in our community.
3. Continue to develop and deepen current relationships with local and international authorities to assist in further operations that combat child-trafficking.
4. Grow our Child-Protection Network to 100 key leaders across South-East Asia.
5. Increase our Educational Scholarship program at Project Justice, offering educational scholarships to 200 children.
6. Provide university-level educational scholarships and support to rescued youths in our programs.
7. Raise awareness of child-trafficking issues at a local and international level.